Surveillance Zone – New Book Out Soon

BIG NEWS! I’m super excited to announce that my first book, Surveillance Zone, is going to get published in the coming weeks. It’s a non-fiction, behind-the-scenes exposé of the private-sector surveillance detection and covert protection industry. You’ll get a first-person account of actual covert operations I’ve participated in, learn the secrets of the trade, and… Read More Surveillance Zone – New Book Out Soon

Big Mistakes & Embarrassing Failures

“Fail Often so you can succeed sooner.” —Tom Kelly. Mistakes and failures in surveillance, surveillance detection and special protective operations are things I write about quite frequently. I’ve examined them from every which way, explained how they look, discussed many case studies and talked about how to avoid them. One aspect I haven’t touched on… Read More Big Mistakes & Embarrassing Failures

The OSINT Connection: Intelligence In Executive Protection

I’m very excited to host my first guest blogger on Protection Circle, Travis Lishok. Travis is the owner of EP Nexus, a fantastic executive protection blog that explores protective intelligence, OSINT investigations, threat assessment, and more. Travis and I decided to collaborate by writing two different perspectives on the same event (an actual protective detail… Read More The OSINT Connection: Intelligence In Executive Protection