Marcus Charles

I want to tell you about a very special person by the name of Marcus Charles. Marcus joined HighCom Security Services nine years ago, and among the plethora of shifts and events and special projects we’ve done together, Marcus also spent years working very closely with me on our Red-Team style supervision check-ups, surveillance detection… Read More Marcus Charles

Surveillance Zone – New Book Out Soon

BIG NEWS! I’m super excited to announce that my first book, Surveillance Zone, is going to get published in the coming weeks. It’s a non-fiction, behind-the-scenes exposé of the private-sector surveillance detection and covert protection industry. You’ll get a first-person account of actual covert operations I’ve participated in, learn the secrets of the trade, and… Read More Surveillance Zone – New Book Out Soon

Big Mistakes & Embarrassing Failures

“Fail Often so you can succeed sooner.” —Tom Kelly. Mistakes and failures in surveillance, surveillance detection and special protective operations are things I write about quite frequently. I’ve examined them from every which way, explained how they look, discussed many case studies and talked about how to avoid them. One aspect I haven’t touched on… Read More Big Mistakes & Embarrassing Failures

Let’s Talk About Surveillance Detection

Towards the end of every year, there’s a fantastic Close Protection Conference which is organized by the International Protective Security Board (IPSB). In the conference a couple of years ago, I was hugely honored to do a ‘Tac-Talk’ (think TED Talk, just for security professionals) about surveillance detection, and I thought it might be a good… Read More Let’s Talk About Surveillance Detection