Inductive Observation – Watching & Understanding People

The following article is taken from Chapter 3 of my book Surveillance Zone.  The book gives you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into the mysterious world of private-sector espionage, surveillance detection and covert protective operations. Back when I was living in Tokyo, I met a fellow Israeli named Danny who became my closest friend during my years in… Read More Inductive Observation – Watching & Understanding People

Covert Operations – Common Misconceptions

This article will cover some of the more common misconceptions I’ve encountered among non-practitioners of covert operations (mainly those who want to employ covert operators). For those interested in getting tips for field operators, please check out my previous articles, Tips & Suggestions for Covert Operators and Tips & Suggestions for SD Operators. Overt—Low-Profile—Covert I… Read More Covert Operations – Common Misconceptions

It’s Not An Art, It’s A Science

I’ll admit it, I have an annoying pet peeve about the security field being described as an art rather than a science. The sentiment in question is that security, protection, intelligence, surveillance detection, etc., can’t be reduced to formulas, equations and lab experiments. There are some general principles, but there aren’t any one-size-fits-all solutions. It… Read More It’s Not An Art, It’s A Science